SOS – Ingrown Hair | Do you have a problem with ingrown hairs and the skin inflammations associated with them?

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Ingrown hair is a problem for many women who get rid of unwanted hair by plucking it which also removes the bulb. After mechanical epilation, curly hair may begin to appear just below the skin. The hair cannot break through the epidermis and it starts to twist, this starts the inflammation of the hair follicles, which is manifested by itchy, sore red pimples, usually filled with pus. The skin in the surrounding area becomes swollen and irritated, which can cause severe inflammation and even lead to scarring.

Ingrown hair and the inflammation associated with this can be a consequence of waxing, epilating, or even using a razor. The most popular problem site is the bikini area.

There are many ways to deal with these problems, but the most effective one is LASER HAIR REMOVAL. This is an ideal treatment, because the laser absorbs the melanin (dye) in the hair, which destroys the bulb, meaning it no longer regenerates.

Learn more about how Laser Hair Removal works:…/description-of-treatment/

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