Cellulite affects women and is linked to female hormones, namely oestrogen and progesterone, which affect subcutaneous fat distribution. We don’t have to be overweight to be affected by cellulite. 

Common body areas affected are the anterior and posterior, thighs and the buttocks. The skin and tissues may have the appearance of “orange skin” – dimpled, water-logged, lumpy, and uneven below the skin surface.  The skin tends to be cold to the touch due to impaired circulation, and it may be painful to the touch due to the skin’s nerve endings being sensitised.

Cellulite health complications:

  •         Enlarged adipocytes put pressure on vessels and capillaries
  •         Accumulation of toxins and fluids between adipocytes
  •         Poor lymphatic drainage
  •         Creation of fibrous cellulite, which may result in a pain


It relates to the loss of elasticity of the skin around arms, buttocks and thighs. This type of cellulite is mostly a result of an abnormal fat accumulation in the area and is not painful when touched. It tends to increase with age or weight gain, and a lack of muscle tone aggravates it. 

The hard cellulite is a more severe stage of cellulite. 

It might be painful when touched, and it can be identified by the deep depressions on thighs and buttocks. It gives off a look of an “orange-peel”, the skin is bumpy and dimpled. This cellulite stage should be treated as it may become more painful and may provide to circulation disorders.

It is the most severe form of cellulite. The main reason for this type of cellulite may be poor circulation of blood worsened by significant fluid retention. This type of cellulite is painful, especially during the sitting position per longer time. Oedematous cellulite has usually appeared on thighs and knees, and the lower legs.

It mostly occurs in women in their middle ages.

Is recommend that to treat this type of cellulite, they must increase the blood flow and get rid of fluid retention in the affected area.

You can help maintain the professional treatments at home with dedicated Arosha products.

 Add to your body care dry body brushing with AROSHA NATURAL BRUSH, which has a lot of benefits concerning cellulite:

  •         Break up fatty deposits
  •         Aids in lymphatic drainage and detoxification
  •         Stimulates circulation
  •         Reducing the appearance of cellulite
  •         Improves metabolism
  •         Tightens and tones the skin
  •         May notice skin feels softer and more even texture

Use AROSHA BODY RESCUE ENZYMATIC PEELING before applying any products on your skin. This gentle exfoliation increases the blood circulation in the skin, removes toxins, rids skin of dry, rough patches, and can even help break down and reduce cellulite’s appearance. Prepares the skin and allows active ingredients to penetrate the skin more deeply. Regular exfoliation gives the skin a more radiant look and a smoother feel. Over time, it can help to contribute to the skin’s firmness and tone.

To help treat different types of cellulite, we offer AROSHA PRESSOPANTS – the leggings made of patented Dermofibra – a polyester fibre connected by nanotechnology with organic crystals. They have anti-cellulite and shaping properties and are very comfortable even if you will be wearing it the entire day.

To improve the appearance of cellulite apply our BODY RESCUE CELLULITE cream, which is designed to stimulate blood circulation and aid drainage. The innovative combination of active ingredients helps eliminate adipose tissue, toxins, and excess water, which significantly improves the skin’s elasticity, giving it a smoother, firmer texture.

We also recommend CELL REPAIR DRY-TOUCH OIL – a natural complex of Red Algae, rich in minerals and polyphenols with excellent draining properties. It is also a great solution to reducing skin’s imperfections caused by the cellulite process.