The first treatment of HIFU Ulfit is preceded with a dermatological consultation.

  • the skin is cleaned
  • the treatment area is marked with a white pencil
  • the excluded area is marked with a black pencil
  • ultrasound gel is applied to the treatment area

The sensations during the treatment depends on the area being treated, thickness of the skin and thickness of the body fat and they might vary. Some Clients experience a strong prickling whereas others feel a gentle tingling. It is important to note that for the period of 2 weeks after the treatment, some areas of the treatment can be painful. The person conducting the treatment makes sure the Patient is comfortable. Our Clients leave the procedure feeling satisfied and excited for the upcoming effects.

  • the pencil and ultrasound gel are wash away
  • an aloe gel is applied
  • hot showers are not allowed on the same day
  • facial massage and sauna are not allowed for up to 2 weeks
  • RF, IPL and medical laser treatments can be performed 4 weeks after the treatment (applies specifically to HIFU treatment area)
  • intensive moisturising is recommended – at least 3 moisturising masks, and daily care of treatment area
  • for the first week it is recommended to use a natural aloe gel
  • food with strong pigmentation (carrots, beetroots) or spicy foods are not allowed for up to 7 days
  • alcohol consumption on the same day is prohibited
  • solarium and intense sunlight are not allowed for 7 days
  • taking medicine (except for paracetamol) is forbidden

Possible rare complications after HIFU Ulfit treatments may be:

  • eye twitching
  • facial nerve palsy (nerve injury)

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