Closure of Blood Vessels

Ability to remove capillaries and spider veins without damaging the surrounding skin.

Thanks to the use of a laser, precise removal of capillaries is quick and almost painless. The laser penetrating into the vascular changes causes their closure. In the process of selective photothermolysis, hemoglobin (a pigment of red blood cells) captures the laser light. Under its influence, the blood water in the damaged vein evaporates, the walls of the vessel disintegrate and are absorbed by the body. In the case of a vascular spider, the changes take place immediately, while other vascular changes pale and disappear within 10 days.

Treatments performed with the Xlase laser enable:

  • Closing of capillaries (so-called spider veins)
  • Closing spider naevi – stellate hemangioma (the so-called spider nevus)
  • Closure of cherry angioma (campbell de morgana spots)

We suggest using 4 laser sessions, but in the case of simple vascular changes, effects will be visible after just one treatment,

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