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How it Works

Why this treatment?​

  • elimination of ingrown hairs
  • other medical reasons


Laser Hair Removal with LightSheer Desire is a fantastic choice due to its many positive effects. These are:
  • smooth skin
  • permanent results
  • regaining confidence

After the first treatment of Laser Hair Removal with LightSheer Desire, it is assumed that 30 – 40% of dark hair (anagen) should not grow back. After three treatments, about 80 – 92% of the hair should not grow back (it has entered the anagen phase). The remaining percentage of hair is brighter, thinner and less noticeable. Patients with thinner or lighter hair, may have a weaker effect, as there is not enough melanin in the follicles. Total hair removal (100%) is not usually possible. Lighter hair will have a thinning effect, instead of complete removal.

Laser-Hair-Removal-WomenLone-UK Bournemouth


  • convenience
  • saving time and money
  • no/low maintenance

How often

LightSheer Desire Laser Hair Removal requires 4 – 12 treatments (average 6 – 9), repeated at 4 – 12 weeks intervals.