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Diode Laser, LightSheer Desire,

LightSheer Desire

LightSheer Desire

Diode Laser, LightSheer Desire, is a laser manufactured by the American company Lumenis®, a world leader in the production of medical and cosmetic lasers. It is the most modern device on the market for removing unwanted hair. It has a certificate of safety and quality issued by the U.S. Office for Food and Drug (FDA), worldwide honoured and certified by the relevant European institutions, including ISO 9001. Based on the principle of selective photothermolysis, laser hair removal targets the entire hair structure, from the hair shaft down to the follicle. The light is absorbed selectively by the structure of hair follicle containing melanin, this is converted into heat, which in turn destroys the elements responsible for hair growth, therefore causing permanent hair loss and destruction of the follicle. As studies have shown, this phenomenon works most effectively on hair in the active growth phase (anagen). The remaining growth periods of our hair, the regression phase (catagen) and resting phase (telogen) are untouched by the laser.

How it Works

Why this treatment?

  • elimination of ingrown hairs
  • other medical reasons

How it Works


Laser Hair Removal with LightSheer Desire is a fantastic choice due to its many positive effects. These are:

  • smooth skin
  • permanent results
  • regaining confidence
After the first treatment of Laser Hair Removal with LightSheer Desire, it is assumed that 30 – 40% of dark hair (anagen) should not grow back. After three treatments, about 80 – 92% of the hair should not grow back (it has entered the anagen phase). The remaining percentage of hair is brighter, thinner and less noticeable. Patients with thinner or lighter hair, may have a weaker effect, as there is not enough melanin in the follicles. Total hair removal (100%) is not usually possible. Lighter hair will have a thinning effect, instead of complete removal.


  • convenience
  • saving time and money
  • no/low maintenance

How Often

LightSheer Desire Laser Hair Removal requires 4 – 12 treatments (average 6 – 9), repeated at
4 – 12 weeks intervals.

Proceedings Before and After

Proceedings Before and After

The first treatment of Laser Hair Removal with LightSheer Desire is preceded with a dermatological consultation. Our qualified Clients will have a patch test, to determine the optimum treatment parameters for the skin phototype.


the treatment area must not be dry or irritated, if required, emollients (moisturising cream,
exfoliating cream, soothing cream) should be used a few days earlier

  • day before the first procedure the treatment area must be shaved – a square of about
    5cm should be left to evaluate the colour and thickness of the hair, this area will then be
    shaved by the person performing the treatment (blonde, grey or ginger hair is a
    contraindication to the procedure, due to the low effectiveness of laser depilation in these
  • avoid aspirin and other blood thinners
  • the skin should not be tanned (suntan, self-tanner)
  • important – 24 hours before and after the procedure do not consume alcohol

Directly Before

  • the skin should be clean – creams and lotions shouldn’t be used
  • the skin is cleaned


The procedure does not require anaesthesia. The laser is most often felt as a minor stinging, burning or pinching, which may be increased when treatment is performed on more sensitive areas of the body. Slight redness occurs in the treatment areas. The person conducting the treatment makes sure the Patient is comfortable. Our Clients leave the procedure feeling satisfied and excited for the upcoming effects.


A natural symptom that may occur after the treatment is temporary swelling and/or redness of the treatment area.

  •  The skin should be treated gently for up to 2 – 3 days after the treatment:
    – wash with soap free gel, tonic, non-alcoholic milk or clean water
    – do not use deodorants or antiperspirants (if the depilation was on the armpits)
    – use talcum powder, Bepanthen or Dermopanthen cream
    – dry the skin gently, do not rub or irritate the skin in any other way
  • For 2 weeks after the procedure it is forbidden to use exfoliating cosmetics.
  • Sunbathing is forbidden for 4 weeks after the treatment; it is required to use creams with
    filter SPF +50 or above.

Possible Complications

Complications after Laser Hair Removal with LightSheer Desire occur occasionally and are usually associated with non-compliance of the proceedings before and after the treatment.

  • Rare Side Effects (permanent and temporary, lasting up to several weeks) – skin discoloration, scars and bruises,
  • Frequent Side Effects (short term) – delicate burns, similar to sun burn (lasting up to 1 – 2
    hours after the treatment), skin redness, swelling around the eyes (intensity and amount depends on the sensitivity of the place), blisters and scabs.


  1. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, postpartum period
  2. Cancer (ongoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy)
  3. Hormonal treatment
    o individual hormonal therapy
    o infertility treatment
    o thyroid disease treatment
  4. Medication
    o antibiotics (break between the last dose and the treatment is a minimum of 4 weeks)
    o anticoagulants (blood thinners)
    o aspirin o retinoids (break between the last dose and the treatment is a minimum of 6 months) o photosensitisers (phototoxic, photoallergic – break between the last dose and the treatment is a minimum of 1 week)
  5. Cosmetics with
    o retinol
    o vitamins A, C and E
    o fruit acids used on the treatment area require 4 weeks break before the treatment
  6. Herbal Remedies
    o St John’s Wort, calendula
    o herbal slimming teas
    o herbal antidepressants stop use 1 week before the treatment
  7. Tanning
    o sun tanning (stop use minimum 4 weeks before treatment)
    o sunbed (stop use minimum 4 weeks before treatment)
    o self-tanning creams (stop use minimum 4 weeks before treatment, or the treatment can be performed after tan has been removed)
  8. Hair removal with tweezers, waxing or mechanical epilator (stop use minimum 4 weeks before facial treatment and 6 weeks for other areas of the body) or with specific depilatory creams (stop use minimum 1 week before the treatment)
  9. Facial cosmetic treatments are possible 7 days in advance or 14 days after the treatment
  10. Exfoliating products should be stopped a week before the procedure
  11. Skin prone to discoloration or bruising
  12. Tattoos
  13. History of keloids
  14. Fillers, Botox
  15. Dermatological skin changes (active bacterial, viral or fungal skin infections)
    o herpes (the treatment is possible 2 weeks after the infection is treated)
    o inflammation
    o nevus (moles, beauty marks etc)
    o photodermatoses (skin sensitivity to the sun)
    o eczemas
    o hyperpigmentation
    o psoriasis
    o reticularis (mottled skin)
    o vitiligo (relative contraindications)
  16. Epilepsy (relative contraindication)
  17. HIV
  18. Ongoing or planned surgical operations
  19. Feeling of heavy legs (venous changes)
  20. Alcohol (24 hours before and after)
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