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All treatments of basic cosmetology and aesthetic medicine are enriched by products which are based on the latest research in the field of tissue engineering.

The offer soon available in other salons.

Cosmetologist Sabina Okońska - Majdosz

Specialist with NVQ 4, 6, 7, 10 qualifications.

"I will start with the fact that cosmetology is not only a field of science, it is also a lifestyle, a passion for work, it is a constantly growing industry that does not allow you to lag behind and I entered this field without the slightest thought a few years ago.
I have been lucky, for over 12 years, to be able to pursue myself professionally and with full heart. I love what I do. I believe that the basis in my profession is professionalism and openness to knowledge and development.
My adventure began in 2004, when I decided to start studying at the Post-Secondary Cosmetics College in Lublin, but I knew straight away that my education would not end with this diploma. For 10 years I worked hard for my reputation, running my own beauty salon in Poland, which 1.5 years ago I decided to move also to British soil.

Over the years, I developed intensively, among others, obtaining the title of Cosmetologist at the
University of Rzeszów and completing many training and refresher courses in the field of
cosmetology, laser therapy and aesthetic medicine. That is why I can offer services and treatments
today, where professionalism, Clients and above all knowledge are put first.

It is also thanks to you - my Clients, that I can be here today. Thank you to those who trusted me."


The Arosha Slimming Express Program uses pre-packed treatments with
disposables bandages. The bandages are impregnated with a variety of
quality ingredients to aid cellulite reduction, water retention, toning and
moisturising, enabling the salon to create a bespoke solution for each
Pressotherapy treatment promotes lymphatic drainage by using air pressure
on different parts of the body.
It treats swelling and drains the toxins, fats and liquids that cause cellulite. You
will recover skin elasticity, increasing oxygen flow to the body’s tissues and
helping them regenerate.
By combining Arosha treatments with pressotherapy, you will see better
results in less time.

Price List

AROSHA PACKAGE: Bandages + pressotherapy (up to 1h 15 min)

  • Consultation 30 mins Price from £15
  • Aqua Drain – ODEMACEL package: 7+1free treatments body brush free £630

    - water retention

    - oedematous cellulite (1 st grade)

    Description: Oedemacel kit is specifically created to reduce oedematous cellulite. Its unique combination of active ingredients works in synergy to fight the initial causes of cellulite formation such as dilation of blood vessels and interstitial fluid retention.

  • Anti-Cellulite – ADIPOCEL package: 7+1free treatments body brush free £630

    - fibrous cellulite (2nd grade) and sclerotic cellulite (3d grade)

    - fat removal  

    Description: Adipocel kit was created to solve issues related to the most advanced stages of fibrous cellulite. The various active components of the adipocel kit prevent the growth of adipocytes and the formation of collagen fibres that are responsible for the appearance of cellulite nodules.

  • Body Tone – FIRMING package: 7+1free treatments body brush free £630

    - loss of inches

    - loose skin  

    Description: Arosha Firming kit was specifically created for firming and moisturising treatments. The mix of components works in synergy to promote the creation of new elastic fibres while eliminating toxins. It also helps in activating blood circulation and renewing the skin’s elasticity; it’s ideal for stretch marks.

  • Breast & Décolleté & bottom- LIFTING UP package: 4 treatments body brush free £360

    - sagging breast

    - flaccid skin  

    Description: Arosha lifting up kit was developed especially for the most delicate part of a woman’s body – breast and neckline. Due to the natural process of ageing, breasts begin to lose their initial firmness and fullness. The innovative and efficient formulations enriched with extracts from seaweed ulva lactuca (aosa) , kygelia africana, organic silicon and aloe vera help to firm, tone and smooth — promoting a firmer bust shape where breasts appear higher on the bust line.

  • Waist Fat Loss – LIPOFIT package: 4 treatments Lipolytic cream 200ml free + body brush free £360

    - belly / hips fat removal
    - belly/ hips remodeling

    - buttocks lift

    Description: Arosha Lipofit Arosha kit was created to treat adiposity related to the abdomen and hips. Concentrated active ingredients have strong lipolytic action for localised fat tissue.

  • Bandages LIPOFIT + Bandages Any body part + pressotherapy (up to 1 hour 15 minutes) £1120

    PACKAGE: 4 lipofit and 8 body wraps + pressotherapy 7+1free Lipolytic cream 200ml free + body brush free

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