women line uk Cooperation


Womenline Group invite all professionals of service sector of the beauty industry, beauty salons owners, day spa owners from the whole Great Britain to collaborate. The collaboration with us enables you to varify your offer thanks to the highest quality medical and cosmetic devices while ensuring a qualified staff. Womenline Group have experience of working both on the Polish and British market. It is the biggest company in the United Kingdom, which provides advanced treatments not only in a mobile way, but also their area of action covers the whole country. Womenline Group have always at their disposal the highest quality devices. What is more, our staff have British qualifications. Our company is a member of Polish and British health and beauty organisations. Our priority is to guarantee safety of our clients- our company assumes full responsibility for performance of its treatments. Our main area of expertise is the use of diode lasers, HIFU, as well as medical cryolipolysis, carboxytherapy, H2 Facial. The scope of services provided has been permanently expanded having regard to the British law requirements. You can also buy medical and cosmetic devices as well as accredited training from us. All devices are officially available in the UK, as required after Brexit. They are all sourced and produced in the EU.

The collaboration with our company gives you a lot of opportunities:

  • expands the scope of services and at the same time boost the prestige of your beauty salon
  • increases the flow of new clients
  • multiplies your income
  • provides you an advertisement of treatments that you offer
  • enhances significantly your knowledge