1. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, postpartum period
2. Cancer (ongoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy)
3. Hormonal treatment
– individual hormonal therapy
– infertility treatment
– thyroid disease treatment
4. Medication
– antibiotics (break between the last dose and the treatment is a minimum of 4 weeks)
– anticoagulants (blood thinners)
– aspirin
– retinoids (break between the last dose and the treatment is a minimum of 6 months)
– photosensitisers (phototoxic, photoallergic – break between the last dose and the treatment is a minimum of 1 week)
5. Cosmetics with
– retinol
– vitamins A, C and E
– fruit acids
used on the treatment area require 4 weeks break before the treatment
6. Herbal Remedies
– St John’s Wort, calendula
– herbal slimming teas
– herbal antidepressants
stop use 1 week before the treatment
7. Tanning
– sun tanning (stop use minimum 4 weeks before treatment)
– sunbed (stop use minimum 4 weeks before treatment)
– self-tanning creams (stop use minimum 4 weeks before treatment, or the treatment can
be performed after tan has been removed)
8. Hair removal with tweezers, waxing or mechanical epilator (stop use minimum 4 weeks before facial treatment and 6 weeks for other areas of the body) or with specific depilatory creams (stop use minimum 1 week before the treatment)
9. Facial cosmetic treatments are possible 7 days in advance or 14 days after the treatment
10. Exfoliating products should be stopped a week before the procedure
11. Skin prone to discoloration or bruising
12. Tattoos
13. History of keloids
14. Fillers, Botox
15. Dermatological skin changes (active bacterial, viral or fungal skin infections)
– herpes (the treatment is possible 2 weeks after the infection is treated)
– inflammation
– nevus (moles, beauty marks etc)
– photodermatoses (skin sensitivity to the sun)
– eczemas
– hyperpigmentation
– psoriasis
– reticularis (mottled skin)
– vitiligo (relative contraindications)
16. Epilepsy (relative contraindication)
17. HIV
18. Ongoing or planned surgical operations
19. Feeling of heavy legs (venous changes)
20. Alcohol (24 hours before and after)

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