The XLase Plus has a wide range of uses, but mainly Blood Vessel Closure. This applies to changes on the legs and broken capillaries, i.e. spider veins. XLase Plus is also used in the treatment of rosacea and haemangioma. It can also be used to treat pigmentation changes: lentigo, warts, blemishes, freckles and melanoderma. It can be used in the treatment of skin lesions, in particular soft or senile warts and epidermal calluses. However, it should be noted that the best results are achieved in the process of Closing Blood Vessels.

  • dilated blood vessels (telangiectasia)
  • vascular changes of the lower limbs
  • broken capillaries – spider veins
  • senile haemangiomas
  • neovascularization – new blood vessels
  • port wine stains
  • venous lakes – small blood bubbles, common in the elderly
  • erythema
  • nice looking skin
  • permanent results
  • regaining confidence

The Closure of Blood Vessels with XLase Plus is permanent, but does not stop the formation of new vessels, this is due to predisposing factors such as sun exposure, rosacea, venous
circulatory disorders, etc.

  • non-invasive
  • low number of treatments – usually 1 – 5

Laser Closure of Blood Vessels with XLase Plus should be repeated between 1 to 5 times, with intervals of 6 weeks between each treatment. The final number of treatments depends on the amount of changes, size, colour, depth and location of the vessels. To remove a small, single vessel, 1 procedure is enough, whereas if the area has multiple cracked capillaries, repetition of the treatment will be necessary. The same rules apply for the closure of blue veins.

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